Recent Engagements



Client: Large International Law Firm
Perform a full-scale upward review of attorney supervisors and firm-wide thematic issues;  design, implement and administer in-person interviews of hundreds of associates; maintain and analyze resulting data; write all resulting upward review reports with recommendations for more effective processes

Client: Senior Firm Management
Perform assessment of firm-wide talent development strategies; meet with key firm leaders and focus groups of selected attorneys; write reports analyzing feedback and issuing recommendations for changes and improvements

Client: Large Multinational Law Firm
Conduct regional upward review of selected law firm partners and practice group leaders; deliver resulting feedback with analysis and recommendations to firm leaders and partners

Client: Large Firm
Provide counsel regarding issues associated with attorney morale issues reported in multiple external surveys and an internal audit; develop and implement a plan for addressing issues meant to improve retention and morale; counsel participants on techniques to increase engagement between partners and associates aimed at improving attorney retention

Client: Assorted Partners and Firm Leaders
Train partners and firm leaders, in both group and individual settings, on effective supervisory and mentoring skills; implement mentoring plans to support the long-term use of newly acquired skills

Client: Firm Management and Attorney Focus Groups
Review work coordination systems and analyze ways to improve/redesign systems

*References available upon request.



Client: Partner in Large Law Firm
Services: Coach client on communication, team building and time management issues to improve his work management habits, develop stress management techniques, become an effective mentor and delegate more consistently

Client: Group of partners
Coach participants, both individually and as a group, on leadership skills, practice group succession and effective communication; instruct and enable the partners in collaborative techniques to achieve greater effectiveness and stability as a group, while embracing their divergent leadership approaches

Client: High-Potential Junior Partner
Coach client on business and relationship development strategies, plus create and implement a comprehensive business- and relationship-development plan, and establish benchmarks for evaluating progress 

Client: Senior Partner
Perform coaching of team management skills to promote success on current project, plus collaborate to explore her strengths and effectively apply them to build more cohesive, efficient teams; also develop processes to track project tasks and manage team members

Client: Junior Partner
Coach client on returning to work on a flex-time work schedule following maternity leave; evaluate impending challenges and develop relevant systems, both at home and at work, to support client’s success in meeting work obligations, while preserving time for family

Client: Senior Associate
Coach client on time management, communication and practice development; develop new work habits meant to position him for partnership consideration, while still enabling him to attend to his personal obligations

Client: Senior Associate
Coach client in effective stress management techniques, communication style and interpersonal skills

*Detailed set of coaching vignettes available upon request



Recent work includes the successful transitions of the following attorneys and other law firm professionals:

  • large law firm partner to a preeminent law firm boutique
  • large law firm partner to a senior in-house role at a leading Silicon Valley company
  • large law firm associate to a large entertainment and media company
  • mid-level law firm associate into an in-house position
  • senior-level law firm executive to a senior role in a financial conglomerate
  • senior law firm executive into a thriving consulting practice

*Detailed list of representative placements available upon request

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