Career Transition (Outplacement)



Naomi Beard & Associates provides outstanding career-transition consulting (outplacement) services to attorneys and law firm executives.  We work one-on-one with each individual to explore a variety of career options both in and outside of the legal industry.  Full-service support is provided throughout the transition process until its successful conclusion.

The rewards of career-transition coaching benefit not only the departing attorney, but also the firm contracting for such services.  Besides fostering lasting bonds between a transitioning attorney and the firm, the coaching actually promotes better morale among all members of the firm, and builds long-term reputational and business development benefits with firm alumni.

Throughout the preparation and job-search process, we serve as a partner with the transitioning attorney.  We function as an advisor, strategist, connector, coach and counselor, while steadfastly honoring strict confidentiality.

Besides providing outstanding formal coach training and expertise, we make extensive resources available to our clients, including a set of specially developed, continuously updated written materials regarding career transitions, plus an outstanding network of professional contacts.

To ensure a successful outcome for each client, we:

  • Offer Career Assessments.  Administer and interpret both qualitative and quantitative career self-assessments to help clients develop strong career goals
  • Review and Prepare Marketing Materials.  Provide guidance in creating resumes, cover letters, business plans, representative matters lists and applications
  • Share Detailed, State-of-the-Art Resources.  Make available a full library of exhaustive career transition resources which we developed and continually update for our clients
  • Advise on Networking & Relationship Development.  Assist in the development and implementation of networking and relationship development plans
  • Facilitate Strategic Introductions.  Freely share our private network of professional contacts who reside across various industries, both nationally and internationally
  • Provide Market Analysis, Job Leads & Online Resource Guidance.  Maintain current market information to share with clients
  • Provide Guidance on Effective Use of Social Media.  Counsel clients regarding the appropriate use of professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn
  • Identify Selected Recruiters.  Introduce clients to selected recruiters, and identify reputable recruiters in target market(s)
  • Conduct Intensive Interview Preparation.  Rigorously prepare clients for interviews and provide detailed interview prep materials
  • Consult on the Negotiation and Evaluation of Offers.  Assist in reviewing, assessing and negotiating job offers

Individual Transition Consulting

We are pleased to offer our full range of transition consulting services described above to individuals who seek to privately retain us.

Career Transition Testimonials

Landed a great job in worst economy since Great Depression…

“Having been with my firm since graduating from law school nearly 12 years ago, I was utterly clueless about how to find a new job.  I was also nervous and depressed at the thought of starting over in the worst economy since the Great Depression.  Not only did you help me land a job that seems to be a perfect fit, but you also provided a nurturing and safe environment during the process.  Thank you for everything.”

Senior Associate—Leading International Law Firm, San Francisco

Late-stage career change…

“I began working with Naomi uncertain as to the path I wanted to take for the remainder of my career.  She helped me figure that out through a number of in person discussions, telephone calls and encouraging me to explore a wide range of options.  I ended up making a choice I never would have expected going into the process — but one I am confident is the right choice.

“Naomi has many contacts among recruiters. She helped me find one that suited my individual needs, and she was available when I needed her. I highly recommend her.”

Partner—Leading International Law Firm, Los Angeles

 Click here  for the printable pdf of our Career Transition Services Brief.